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有不少做推广的客户来咨询:“我已经把账户交付给了百度客服 ,并且支付了服务费 ,后台的有关操作会有客服人员帮我完成,为什么我的消费额度不低 但是推广效果却是不理想呢”?答案很简单,百度客服固然可以帮客户解决基础的账户管理工作。但实际上,百度推广的客服人员每人手中需要“照顾”的客户少则百几十,多则上百。受工作时间及工作量限制,不可能每天都对数量如此多的账户依次进行调整优化。更何况客服人员每天的大部分工作时间要放在公司的各项培训、统计、报表,完成各项任务指标、处理反馈事务性问题、完成客户续费工作等。由此可见,真正能留给客户去做推广账户调整和优化的时间简直是少的可怜 ,每个账户十天八天才会被关注一下是再正常不过了。


而在实际的竞价推广中,账户的关键词出价、关键词策划、创意优化,质量度优化,账户结构优化是需要时时关注时时调整的。特别是一些热门、竞争比较激烈行业,又或者正值销售旺季的行业,时时对账户的调整优化是非常关键的。遗憾的是账户在客服人员手中受局限性很难做到这一点。即使做到了或者做到一部分,工作的质量度也是没有保证的。慕华说道,原因不仅仅在于上述所说,也因为客服人员手中的众多账户很可能是同一行业的,当众多账户的同一需求反馈到客服人员那里,这个问题根本无法得到公平、公正的解决。打个比方:几家同行业的客户要求客服把主关键词不计成本的置顶第一名,这时不要说是客服了就算老总来了也没办法很好的解决这个矛盾 只能是哪个客户催促的紧,那么谁家就先置顶,在此博弈过程中众多客户的利益也会受到不同程度的伤害。从而将关键词的价格抬高。而现在托管公司在签单时基本都有明确的协议规定,即:本行业有直接利益冲突的客户不会在公司竞价托管服务客户列表中同时出现,从而确保了行业唯一性,使客户的切身利益得到了很好的保证,让客户的每一分钱都花在了刀刃上。


Why do enterprises pay more attention to bidding trusteeship

Why do enterprises pay more and more attention to bidding hosting service? In the Internet market of China, Baidu bidding promotion is a paid promotion mode that has been widely used by enterprises. Whether it is investment or effect, it occupies a very large proportion in online marketing, which naturally causes great attention. Baidu promotion is not only about technology, but also about the accumulation of experience. Different people may have different account operation experience. In the final analysis, it is very important for enterprises to attach importance to bidding hosting service, which is also an important factor determining the ability of Baidu promotion specialists. At present, a new form of Internet service, bidding account hosting, has emerged in the market.

Many customers who have done promotion come to inquire: "I have delivered my account to Baidu customer service and paid the service fee. The customer service personnel will help me to complete the relevant operations in the background. Why is my consumption quota not low but the promotion effect is not ideal?"? The answer is very simple. Baidu customer service can certainly help customers with basic account management. However, in fact, each customer service staff promoted by Baidu needs to "take care of" hundreds of customers, from hundreds to hundreds. Due to the limitation of working time and workload, it is impossible to adjust and optimize so many accounts every day. What's more, most of the customer service staff's working time every day should be spent on the company's training, statistics, reports, completing various task indicators, handling feedback transactional issues, and completing customer renewal. It can be seen that there is really little time left for customers to adjust and optimize their promotion accounts, and it is normal for each account to be noticed for ten days and eight days.

In the actual bidding promotion, the account keyword bidding, keyword planning, creative optimization, quality optimization, and account structure optimization need to be constantly adjusted. Especially in some hot and competitive industries, or industries in the peak sales season, it is very important to adjust and optimize accounts from time to time. Unfortunately, the account is limited in the hands of customer service personnel, which is difficult to do. Even if it is achieved or partially achieved, the quality of the work is not guaranteed. Mu Hua said that the reason is not only because of the above, but also because many accounts in the hands of customer service personnel are likely to be in the same industry. When the same demand of many accounts is fed back to customer service personnel, the problem cannot be solved fairly and impartially. For example, several customers in the same industry asked customer service to put the main key words in the first place regardless of the cost. At this time, even if the boss came, there was no way to solve this contradiction well. Only the customer who urged him to put the top first would hurt the interests of many customers to varying degrees during the game. This will drive up the price of keywords. Now, when signing the bill, the custodian company basically has a clear agreement, that is, customers with direct conflicts of interest in the industry will not appear in the company's list of customers for competitive custody services at the same time, thus ensuring the uniqueness of the industry, ensuring the vital interests of customers, and allowing customers to spend every penny on the cutting edge.